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Neon Academy's main objective is to deliver quality learning tools to students and ensure their all round development. Have a look at our work and begin your journey of life-long learning.


Providing 100% quality learning modules through technology to ensure students' all round development.


To be a market leader in building and delivering up-skilling courses to learners.


Where Learners Become Leaders

Hours of Videos


Upskilling Courses


100 % Syllabus Coverage

The subject topics taught in the videos are mapped to various syllabuses from classes 4th to 12th std.

  • Curriculum mapped to Syllabus of
  • - (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • - State Boards (South India State Boards)

Academic Subjects Covered


A simplified learning methodology of Mathematics subject has been included for a better understanding.


Physics,Chemistry,Biology subjects have been made in an interactive way to create more interest in the subject through outside world examples.

Social Studies

Social sciences with story based learning has been introduced to increase easier grasping for exam preparation.


Experience learning English in a simpler and more interactive way.

Extracurricular Courses Covered

  • To upskill students in every aspect of life, we have covered extracurricular activities through creative videos from experts.
  • Bharatanatyam

    For all the dance lovers and enthusiasts we bring to you a guided course of Bharatanatyam dance.
  • Mental Health Education

    This course which is created by trained psychologists teaches students how to take care of oneself, handling stress and rejection and many other important mental health related topics.
  • Guitar

    Passionate towards music ? An easy and guided guitar learning module awaits here. Start strumming!
  • Classical Singing

    We all love to sing and some of us would definitely like to pursue training your vocals. These Carnatic Singing lessons are your goto for a wonderful learning experience.
  • Yoga & Meditation

    One activity that can help with your physical health and mental health is Yoga. We have amazing trainers who are ready to start your Yoga & Meditation Journey.
  • Public Speaking

    Develop your communication skills and learn how to ace a speech with confidence
  • Western Dance

    Love to learn some hip-hop and jazz moves ? Wait no more !


Class 6 student

The app has a lot of interesting subjects. I love guitar lessons.


Parent of class 8th student

My daughter uses it for her revision and she seemed to develop a lot of interest towards public speaking modules as well.


father of class 10th student

It is very affordable and helped my son without paying for expensive tuition.


student of class 6th

love the bharatanatyam class really well, and learning both school subjects with some other skills is really fun.


Parent of class 7th student

My daughter has been learning from their app, and it quite helps her learn multiple skills. I personally appreciate their mental health curriculum.


Our Great Team

Amit Shekhar


Deepak Shetty



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3999 / year

  • Unlimited Video Access
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Academics + Extracurriculars
  • New Course Updations
  • Online Workshops


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